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Investor Relations

George E. Ponticas, Chief Financial Officer & Secretary
Sonex Research, Inc.
23 Hudson Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Tel: (410) 266-5556

To contact by e-mail write to:  george.ponticas@sonex-na.com


Sonex Common Stock is no longer traded publicly.  See "Change in Public Company Status" below.

Shares outstanding @ 3/31/2014:  24,509,336
Final price quote: $.04 (July 12, 2007)



For shareholders whose stock is registered in their own name and reflected by a physical stock certificate, Corporate Stock Transfer of Denver, Colorado, serves as the stock transfer agent and registrar for Sonex common stock.  All requests for certificate transfers, including restrictive legend removal, transfers to estates, etc., as well as replacement of lost certificates, are to be submitted to Corporate Stock Transfer, as follows:


Corporate Stock Transfer and Trust Co.

3200 Cherry Creek Drive South, Suite 430

Denver, CO  80209

Telephone (877) 309-2764

Fax (303) 282-5800

Email: knaughton@corporatestock.com

Telephone inquiries should be directed to account managers Carylyn Bell or Shari Humpherys.  If you have any issues that cannot be resolved by Corporate Stock Transfer, please contact George E. Ponticas, Sonex CFO and Secretary.

NOTICE: Please be advised there is an important change from past practice at Sonex.  Under our previous outside transfer agent and while Sonex served as its own transfer agent recently, individual transaction processing fees were absorbed by Sonex.  Such nominal fees charged by Corporate Stock Transfer will now be billed directly by Corporate Stock Transfer to the requesting shareholder and/or stockbroker.

Questions concerning shares held in "street name" in an account at a brokerage or other financial institution should be directed to your investment account representative.





Sonex became subject to the periodic reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) upon making an initial public offering of its common stock in 1985.   The stock eventually traded in the over-the-counter market and was quoted on the Pink Sheets Electronic Quotation Service under the symbol “SONX”.  The Company, however, became delinquent in its annual and quarterly SEC reporting requirements and in July 2007 the SEC revoked the registration of the Company’s stock; as a result, the stock ceased public trading.

23 Hudson Street, Annapolis, MD 21401
Tel: 410-266-5556; Fax: 410-266-5653
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