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Sonex Research, Inc., a small business located in Annapolis, Maryland, is developing and commercializing a patented proprietary technology, known as the Sonex Combustion System (SCS), which improves the combustion of fuel in internal combustion engines.  The SCS achieves in-cylinder control of ignition and combustion through chemical/turbulent enhancement using patented combustion chamber designs.  The SCS combustion chamber is defined by embodiments located in the piston in four-stroke direct injected engines and in the cylinder head in two-stroke spark-ignited (SI) engines.  SCS designs reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and permit adapted gasoline engines to run on safer diesel-type, kerosene-based, “heavy fuels” in military and commercial applications requiring lightweight engines and safe handling/storage of fuel, such as in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Our two-stroke modified cylinder head and cold starting Heavy Fuel Engine (HFE) technology achieves:

• 25% lower fuel consumption (than gasoline) at 8:1 compression ratio
• Spark Ignited, carbureted (or fuel injected)
• Cold start at -20 degrees C in < 2 minutes

Patented SCS HFE technology is currently in use under non-exclusive license from Sonex in the HFE version of the ScanEagle UAV produced by Insitu, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company.  SCS HFE technology is also licensed to QinetiQ North America, Inc. for use in electrical power units such as generators.


Our multi-fuel, lean burn Sonex Controlled Auto Ignition (SCAI) piston based technology in four-stroke Direct Injected (DI) engines achieves:

• Low NOx, CO, HC and particulates
• 25% greater fuel efficiency (than gasoline) at moderate compression ratio (<12.5:1) with peak cylinder pressure  <100 bar
• Feasibility established for next generation GDI engine

Our piston based Low Soot Diesel Design (LSDD) in four-stroke DI engines achieves:

• Particulate reduction up to 70%, even with EGR with no fuel penalty

Sonex is seeking partners to fully develop its engine technology.  Licensing opportunities are available.

23 Hudson Street, Annapolis, MD 21401
Tel: 410-266-5556; Fax: 410-266-5653
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